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Web sight

We can make a website for you.
It can be fast, cheap or good.
Chose 2.

Or none, if you’re a government branch.

Păzea, Rhianna

Good girls gone bad – când Hannibal Lecter uită să bage oala la frigider.

Invenţie explozivă

Cum scapă un genist de pistrui?
Cu o cremă de ten… nine… eight… seven…

Draw a face on

I’m not saying you’re wearing too much makeup because I have doubts there’s even a person under there.

Kids these days

Kids, don’t do school, stay in drugs, listen to your strangers and don’t talk to parents!

No bricks in the wall

With all due respect to Pink Floyd but please, teacher, stop leaving the kids alone.

The password – give it to me, baby!

And all the girls say my speed is high…
For a wi-fi!

Forest browser

Alone, in the woods, I craved the internet so much I set a fox on fire and watched it for hours.

She refused a paternity test

Note to self: estoy embarazada ≠ I am embarrassed.

Her mind wanders sometimes

“Wonder how Superman flies. Wonder how much money Batman has. Wonder who made Green Arrow’s costume.”
- Wonder Woman

Everybody pups

Cu “pup” am fost OK.
Cu “pupici” m-am obişnuit.
“Te pupicesc” mi se pare chiar haios.

La “I poop you!” trag linia.

Logo’s a silver middle finger

Small foulmouthed woman driving a Japanese compact car.
A little Mitsubitchy.

Rebuilding memories

Some childhood toys you abandon, some you never Lego.


Hospital lab misplaced some stool samples. Everybody lost their shit.

Spoiler alert…?

Little girl:”Grownups don’t have imaginary friends!”
Tyler Durden:”Oh, that’s cute.”

Fără ură, doar urări

În loc de “să ai parte de tot ce-ţi doreşti” am început să le urez sărbătoriţilor “să ai parte de tot ce meriţi”.
Mănânc mai puţin tort dar mă simt împăcat.

Gift rap

We’re all supposed to compose a sweet guitar solo for someone at the office.
We call it Secret Santana.

Gandalf fails


Accidentally googled “natalie imbruglia tron”

Was not disappointed.



What was that about my mama?


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